We manufacture and sell hypoxia, hyperoxia, CO2 incubators, modular incubator chambers,
hot box systems, for IVF In Vitro Fertilization and stem cell and tissue culture.

Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101)
Used worldwide for two decades, this airtight chamber has been proven safe and reliable for in vitro fertilization, HIV isolation, hypoxia, organ culture and the culturing of a host of cell lines.
Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101)
For creating hypoxic / hyperoxic environments
The reliable air tight seal and the fast gas exchange properties of the Chamber, allow for the rapid and economical creation of a non-fluctuating hypoxic environment.
Flow Meter
Reliable and simple to use the flow meter provides an inexpensive method of determining when a 100% exchange of gases has been obtained in the Modular Incubator Chamber.

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