Many investigators have requested a flow meter so they may determine when they have obtained a 100% exchange of gases. If you are using the Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101) to create a hypoxic, hyperoxic or normoxic environment we would recommend purchasing one of our flow meters.

We have two types of flow meters which can be adjusted for flow rates between 3 and 25 liters/min (or 0.1-10 LPM). The single flow meter (SFM 3001) is used to control the gas flow of premixed gases, and the dual flow meter (DFM 3002) can be used to mix gases in addition to controlling the gas flow rate (The dual flow meter should be used in combination with an O2 detector). The volume of each incubator chamber is approximately 8 liters.

Expensive special gas used in creating hypoxic and hyperoxic culture conditions can be conserved through the use of the flow meter. Use of the Single or Dual Flow Meter allows precise control of the amount of gas that flows through the Modular Incubator Chamber or Hot Box System.

The Single Flow Meter (SFM 3001) is calibrated for 1.0 to 25 liter per minute (LPM) (or 0.1-10 LPM) and is used for controlling flow rate of pre-mixed gases. The Dual Flow Meter (DFM 3002) is often used in experiments requiring fine tuning of O2 and or CO2 concentrations to determine the effect of different gas mixtures. This system has two flow meters, one calibrated for 0.1 to 1.0 LPM and the other for 0.1 to 10 LPM. The Dual Flow Meter has two tubing ports allowing for the mixing of gases from two separate tanks.

When the gas inlet port of the flow meter for 0.1-1.5 LPM flow meter is closed, the Dual Flow Meter can be used for pre-mixed gases in the same manner as the Single Flow Meter.

Flow meters are accurately calibrated and have the same precision as the flow meter used for the full size continuous flow CO2 incubator chamber. They are set on a steel stand at an angle for ease of viewing and adjusting flow rate.

Use of Flow Meters with the Hot Box System.
In order to achieve maximum containment of [35S]-radioactive gases generated during protein labeling experiments, a Flow Meter must be used in conjunction with the Hot Box System and Hot Filters.

One year unconditional warranty against leaks, defects and breakage.

Please see instructions for flow meter protocols.

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