The Hot Box System eliminates the hazard of contamination of personnel and equipment by radioactive gases. It isolates labeling experiments and allows you to regain full use of your CO
2 incubator. Conduct experiments safely in the Hot Box System.

With millions of contaminating counts generated during typical labeling experiments, incubators must be decontaminated after every use. You can now conduct safe [35S] labeling experiments at a fraction of present cost!

The Hot Box System is compact and easy to use. Just place labeling experiment and a Static Hot Filter and flusk unit with desired gas mixture. Seal unit, remove Exhaust Hot Filter, and Flow Meter and place the Hot Box in a controlled temperature environment. To remove the labeled cells, reattach Exhaust Hot Filter and Flow Meter, and purge again. Dispose of both filters. It's that simple!

Modular Incubator Chamber

Used worldwide for two decades, this airtight chamber has been proven safe and reliable for in vitro fertilization, HIV isolation, hypoxia, organ culture and the culturing of a host of cell lines. Each unit is a self-contained incubator enabling you to create the desired tissue culture environment (gas concentrations and humidity).

Flow Meters
Regulation of gas flow during purging is required to allow sufficient reaction time for irreversible binding of [35S]-volatile with the specially formulated charcoal in the Exhaust Hot Filter. Use Single Flow Meter with pre-mixed gases or Dual Flow Meter for on-site mixing of gases.

Static Hot Filters
Placed inside the chamber during experiments, the Static Hot Filter captures 85-90% of radioactive gases.

Exhaust Hot Filters

Any radioactive gases which have not had time to attach to the Static Hot Filter during the labeling experiment are trapped completely by the Exhaust Hot Filter during purging.

Hot Chimney

Used while thawing [35S]-Met/Cys, the Hot Chimney removes contaminating gases from manufacturer's reagent vial, reducing personnel exposure to radioactive gases during experimental set-up. It is designed with a Leur-Lock for safe attachment of syringe needle.
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